published fiction

Aromatherapy  (Pequin)
Gone Shopping (Nth Position)
Ophelia’s Fortieth (Underground Voices)
Tooth Decay (Hobart)
Gathered Here Together (Spork)
The Bludgeoning of a Burgeoning Young Artist (Perigee)
Whites in Hot Water  (JMWW Journal)
Liquor Store Lust (Paradigm)
Sally’s Suicide Checklist (The Barcelona Review)
The Unfortunate Aneurysm of the Potato Blossom Queen (Emprise Review)
Edge of the World  (Bartleby Snopes)
The Mourners Wore Magenta (3:AM Magazine)
All in a Name (>killauthor)
A Splash of Color (Ascent Aspirations)
Bold and Spontaneous (Nth Position)
The Secret of Washer Number Six(PANK)
The Honeymoon Period (Nth Position)
Anatomy of a Blogger (Full of Crow)
Familiar Eyes (The Scrambler)
Island Envy (kill author)
The Missing Year ( The Scrambler)
The Manicurist (Drunken Boat)
The Charismatic Accountant (The Northville Review)
Fame & Madness in America ( > kill author)
Gawk (Bartleby Snopes)
Recollections of Miss Lassiter (Nth Position)
Kate's List of Lovers (Word Riot)

offbeat & absurd

The Andy Rooney 60 Minutes Segment That Didn’t Air  (McSweeney’s)
The Birth of Roget’s Thesaurus (Konundrum Engine Literary Review)
The Father of Dental Floss  (The Medulla Review) Portions of this story are actually true. 
The Dalai Lama Speaks About Harmony (his new fragrance) (Duct’s)
And Then There Was Scent (Matchlit Review)